Force Friends Rewatch
1 year ago

E52 Ryloth Rewatch: The Rise of Cham

Don’t Skip Season 1!

Episode Notes

Mace Windu is here to bring liberty to Ryloth in the Clone Wars episode Liberty on Ryloth. Andy and Ryan discuss Cham Syndulla, Mace Windu powers, battle droids and more in their continuation of the deep dive into canon Twi’lek stories.

On this Episode

  • Everyone has the best interests of Ryloth at heart big suspicious wink
  • Don’t skip Season 1!
  • Mace Windu Apologist Hour!
  • Shatterpoint explanations
  • Goofy Battle Droids reporting for duty
  • Cham Syndulla and his merry men
  • ICYMI: The Empire sucks!

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