Force Friends Rewatch
1 year ago

E56 Ryloth Rewatch: The Last Transmission

So much story left to tell

Episode Notes

Ryan and Andy go in depth into Rebels S3E5: Hera’s Heroes. This is the last time we hear from the Twi’lek home planet in canon, and it has truly been too long. The Force Friends discuss where Cham and Ryloth can fit in the current Star Wars era before announcing the next phase of Force Friends Rewatch. 

On this episode:

  • You gotta risk it, for the T-Statue
  • Thrawn’s REAL reintroduction 
  • Grumpy Cat Chopper
  • When does Cham come back? 
  • Wild radical, Samwise Gamgee
  • Historical radical John Brown’s favorite Star Wars leaders
  • The big announcement of the Focus of the Force Friends!

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