Force Friends Rewatch
1 year ago

E58 Obi Wan Rewatch: Flawed and Perfect

This is a Star Wars! *wink wink nudge nudge*

Episode Notes

Andy is joined by Gerry the Canon Junkie from The Bombadcast to discuss the first real appearance of Obi Wan in the Star Wars TV universe with S1:E4 of The Clone Wars: Destroy Malevolence.

On this episode:

  • The religious trauma of Obi Wan
  • The spirit of the law at liberty university
  • From a certain point of view, obi is a liar
  • Schlorp up a space ship!
  • Got that Star Wars cheese!
  • Don’t skip Seasons 1 or 2 of clone wars
  • 🎶Obi did you know? That your padawan…
  • Is smoochin’ the Queen of Naboo🎶
  • Stay Bombad

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