Force Friends Rewatch
1 year ago

E59 Obi Wan Rewatch: Kenobi the Sidekick

Is he Jar Jar’s sidekick? Is he Hondo’s? Both?

Episode Notes

We’ve got Dooku and Jar Jar and Hondo and Clones as we get jump back into Clone Wars as a part of our Obi Wan Kenobi deep dive. Andy and Ryan discuss some small but special comic con events and being who you need to be to make sure old ladies have a good time.

On this episode:

  • Old Shitty Astromechs
  • Somedays you’re just Wedge
  • The unforeseen explosion of Honda Ohnaka
  • Don’t skip Jar Jar
  • Make Maz and Obi Wan roommates 
  • Jedi are not necessarily cops
  • George loves flying saucers
  • Give us Jar Jar fanboy clones!
  • “OH MY GOODNESS, General Binks!”

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