Force Friends Rewatch
1 year ago

E53 Ryloth Rewatch: Hera’s Rebellion

Breakfast Penne is heresy

Episode Notes

Ryan and Andy make their epic return just in time to adapt their now famous breakfast spaghetti social media feud for the podcast audience. They are joined by special guest Jamm the Jedi from the HoloNet Marauders to crack into Bad Batch episodes 11 & 12: “Devil’s Deal” and “Rescue on Ryloth”.

-Certified breakfast spaghetti freak -7 days a week -Howzer can take Jamm to church -Cham Syndulla ✨g r o w t h✨ -Rampart is a twink for fascism -Omega is alone with her 5 dads -Everyone pay your compliment tax to Andy!

We want to give a very special thank you to Jamm for joining us on this episode. You can find her @jammthejedi on twitter and follow along with her hot Howzer takes on the HoloNet Marauders podcast.

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